Solid Flooring

Solid Flooring

If you are looking for the natural look in flooring, nothing beats solid flooring made from varieties of hardwood or soft wood such as oaks of all various species and cypress pines. They instantly add a touch of authenticity and luxury to your home. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a traditional touch or a contemporary look, the range and versatility available in hardwood and soft wood floors is difficult to match. With a natural finish, such floors always appear warm and inviting.

Despite its rich and glowing looks, solid floors are durable and low maintenance. When correctly installed and maintained, they can last a lifetime thereby increasing the value of your property many times over. Investing in a solid floor has excellent returns in the long run.

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Should you choose Softwood or Hardwood?

Softwood comprises most species of oaks and pines. They are easy to harvest and process which is why they are cheaper than hardwood. So when choosing softwood for your flooring, you will save a lot more, money-wise.
In terms of shades, pines have lovely honey and cream colour with grainy patterns lending them unique aesthetics. When you want a clean finish on your floor, pines are the way to go. They are also easy to work with as pines are soft and can be cut and nailed easily, making the job of laying the floor comparatively faster.

Hardwood has many colour varieties from blonde, light brown, dark brown with many shades of red, orange, and other hues. Each board of hardwood, being natural material, has its own characteristics and looks. Hence, no two hardwood boards will be exactly similar. This also adds a uniqueness factor to your home as no two home flooring’s can ever have the same texture and looks, when built from hardwood.
When you choose hardwood flooring for your home, you also contribute to the environment as hardwood is extracted and produced using lesser energy when compared to other forms.

Flawless Flooring offers a professional and personalized floor installation service that is second to none. With years of experience working in the Port Stephens region through to Newcastle and Hunter regions, you can rest assured that your flooring requirements are in expert and safe hands.